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Tough Toys for Huskies

Welcome to All About Huskies!

Before we get started, some top tips for new Husky owners:

Is a Husky the right Dog for You?

Huskies and Sled Dogs can be more challenging to own that other breeds. The main issues people tend to have with Huskies are:

Many of these traits are present due to the fact that Huskies were bred as WORKING SLED DOGS. They were selectively bred over many generations to RUN many miles a day PULLING sleds. Huskies were bred to THINK FAST to keep their owners safe on the trail, To SECOND GUESS and IGNORE their owner's commands (for instance, if they were told to 'go on' when they knew the ice was too thin or there was other unseen danger). Huskies lived in harsh areas of the Arctic, where food was scarce, and at times would have been left to CATCH THEIR OWN PREY.

All of these traits are still present in the Siberian Husky and other Sled Dogs. If we want to keep them as pets, we have to accept that along with their stunning appearance and gentle nature come all the inherent traits of the Sled Dog.

Are You the right Owner for a Husky?

In our experience, there are two main types of Husky owners;

These second type of Husky owner will always find life with these dogs challenging, frustrating and hard work! We don't mean to be harsh when we say this - just realistic.

If you are willing to accept these traits in a dog, and:

...Then maybe you ARE the type of person who would be able to live a happy life with a Husky! is very much a work in progress, and will be regularly updated with new information and useful tips as we continue to learn about huskies and sled dogs... Please bear with us during our construction and do check back often, and if you would like to contribute anything to our site, please email us at

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